Not Your Average TPA Firm

Retirement Strategies, Inc. (RSI), offers the specialized services of a boutique-style plan administrator combined with up-to-date technology and a commitment to quality. We understand that every client’s retirement plan requires customized solutions. We are nimble enough to anticipate problems and correct them, before they become problems for you.

Our expertise extends through the planning process to implementation and complete plan administration and participant recordkeeping.

RSI as Your ERISA Consultant

ERISA regulates private-industry qualified retirement plans. With RSI as your consultant, you’ll always be in compliance.

RSI as Your Plan Admin

We are adept at plan administration - day to day, year to year - whether your plan serves a few participants or thousands.

RSI as an Extension of your HR Team

RSI will ensure your plan is compliant at all levels, from payroll processing to IRS filings. You manage your business.

Contact RSI

229 Fury's Ferry Road
Suite 131
Augusta, Georgia 30907
(706) 868-1538

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