Kasey R. Price, QPA, QKA, ERPA

President and Chief Executive Officer

Kasey believes in educating and encouraging employers and advisors about retirement plans and the rules that frame them. Quality service and dependable plan administration begins with shared intelligence of the plan sponsor’s needs and the tools available to meet those needs. As a business owner, she has empathy to the wishes and stresses of her clients which builds a symbiotic relationship through communication and cooperation.

You can reach Kasey at kprice@rsi401k.com.

JJ McKinney, CPC, ERPA

Chief Operations Officer

JJ educates, encourages and consults clients, employees and colleagues to help them meet desired goals and objectives. He is committed to the dignity and excellence of the American worker and pride in a well-deserved retirement.

You can reach JJ at jmckinney@rsi401k.com.

Our philosophy is that the highest calling of leadership is investment in the development and professional growth of people.

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